Offroad Tour on May 2014

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Re: Offroad Tour on May 2014

Post by VeDzA » 25 Jan 2014 22:16

DedoMH wrote:2x XL1000 Varadero, DL650 V-strom and BMW 650GS
DedoMH wrote:dear friends, i have found better offroad planning as the gugle is. could you, please take a look to these routes and tell me whether are possible or just my fantasy?" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;

many thanks :)
with these machines i dont think you will have problems to pass these routs...

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Re: Offroad Tour on May 2014

Post by DedoMH » 13 May 2014 14:21

Hello guys,

We have sucessfully returned from your beautiful country. We saw a lot of nice pictures, some of them was forever remembered by our cameras, but most of them stay forever in our hearts. Off-road was very good even if there was a snow. We always found alternative route how to get our destination. Nature is very nice. Regarding to the roads, I think yours are better. Of course, your routes has more turns then ours but, IMHO, the surface's quality is better. We met a kind peoples. With bokibd face to face and he gave us a good advices :text-thankyouyellow:

Thank you very much for all. Probably I will return back at September :D


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